I love Cupcakes

I love Cupcakes

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

Green Herb Curry with Fried Oyster Mushrooms and Tofu (Vegan)

Hi guys! :-)

I am sooooooo so sorry, my last post has been more than a month ago. o.O
So I hope you all head a good start in 2019!

My year started very busy with returning to Hamburg, getting back to work again, trying to keep up with everything and meeting all those people I missed so much while being in Edinburgh again. Besides that I started thinking and actually working on my masterthesis. So I am more than busy and got tasks for 48 hours per day.

Today I took some time off, only met a good friend for lunch, did some foodsharing and that was it. I also found some time to go to my favourite asian supermarket again and here we good, got some inspiration for a new recipe. Made with oyster mushrooms, herbs and other veggies I foodsaved today and added some fresh green pepper and coconut milk.

I hope you will enjoy it too!

Green Herb Curry with Oyster Mushrooms and Fried Tofu (Vegan)


Ingredients for 2:
300g oyster mushrooms
150g fried tofu
2-3 stalks fresh green pepper
1 piece fresh ginger (walnut sized)
2-3 gloves fresh garlic
1-2 fresh chilis
1 stalk leek
4 purple carrots
100g fresh spinach
1/2 head of celery 
1 can coconut milk (400ml)
1 bundle fresh cilantro
1 bundle fresh basil
1 stalk fresh mint
some lemongrass powder
some vegetable stock
some soy sauce
some lime juice
some sugar 
some frying oil

some cooked rice, quinoa, etc. on the side if you like
some wakame salad on the side if you like too

Peel the ginger and garlic and chop finely. Cut the chilis into small rings.
Wash and drain the leek and carrots and cut into small rings / slices. 
Peel the celery and cut into small cubes.
Now heat some frying oil in a wok and add ginger, garlic, chili and the fresh green pepper stalks.
Roast for a minute, then add the carrots, leek and celery. Roast until about 2-3 minutes.
Then add the spinach and half of the coconut milk. Let it simmer over medium heat.

In the meanwhile, wash and drain the fresh herbs (cilantro, basil and mint). Add to a mixer (like a vitamix) together with the coconut milk, a pinch of vegetable stock, soy sauce, lime juice, sugar and lemongrass powder and mix until smooth. Set aside.

Now clean the mushrooms and take a large frying pan. Heat some oil and then add the fried tofu and mushrooms. Fry until golden and crispy.

When the vegetables in the curry are well-done, should take about 10 minutes, add the coconut herb sauce and stir. Taste the curry and season with some more stock, sugar and soy sauce.
Add some fish sauce, if you like though.

Then serve the curry and place the fried mushrooms and tofu on top.

Enjoy :-)