I love Cupcakes

I love Cupcakes

Samstag, 22. August 2015

Bilder vom 22.08.2015: Beyond Sushi - Vegan Sushi in New York

After relaxing a bit on the third day and just having some dinner from a deli, I had an exhausting forth day yesterday ;-)
The weather was really nice and sunny against all weather forecasts :D
So I spend the day at Greenwood Cemetery, a really beautiful and good place to relax and calm down! I took a lot of pictures though =)

In the afternoon I went back to busy Manhattan, where I visited the MoMA, because there is free entry every Friday night...
But it was soooooooo crowed and the queue for the tickets went around the whole museum.
Anyway, I made it into it.
But to be honest, I could not really enjoy it, just tooooooo many people and I guess now I'm a person who is not really interested in modern art. Sometimes I just don't understand what is art?? Painting a black dot on a piece of paper is art? A women with a bread stick o her head?? Really?

So I left the MoMA after an hour again.
It was early night already. I decided to grab some dinner.
And lucky me, I found the Beyond Sushi *.*
A vegan sushi bar!

They got great and exotic vegan sushi rolls with brown rice.
Brown rice is a thing which is very common in the US also for sushi and it's not only healthy, but also very tasty! So I got a bag of brown sushi rice for making my own sushi back home already :D

Even if I had my sushi for take out, I tried to make a nice picture for you ;-)

That was the combo number 2, so two rolls à 8 pieces and two individuals =)
I had the Green Machine, Spicy Mang, Seaweed and Mango

Here's also their whole menu, I might come back today or tomorrow to try the Mighty Mushroom and maybe one of their desserts =)

This is a bar I can highly recommend, also their services was very very friendly =)


  1. Hallo!

    Das sieht ja alles echt gut aus!
    Bist du alleine dort? Hast du da keine Angst alleine?
    Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Zeit und weitere tolle Food-Erlebnisse!


  2. Huhu liebe Febru!

    Ja das bin ich und nein, eigentlich nicht!
    Ich hab über die Vegans of New York Facebook Gruppe bereits drei total nette Menschen kennengelernt, bin also nicht wirklich alleine!
    Und vielen Dank, ich werde berichten wo ich heute war ;-)

    Liebe Grüße