I love Cupcakes

I love Cupcakes

Dienstag, 25. August 2015

Bilder vom 25.08.2015: V-Note Restaurant - The best fancy vegan seafood I ever had

Yesterday was my light night in New York City though and I feel sad about leaving today =(
Thank you guys for the great time I could spend with you!

Last night I spend with William again and it was great though =)
I don't know why, but it feels like we have been friends for ages, we can talk a lot, joke a lot and eat a lot fancy food together as well ;-)
It was a very good last night in NYC, I enjoyed it.
Thanks William for your time and invite! =)

This night we went to the V-Note Restaurant in Upper East Side.
It's a quite exspensive and fancy place though, but its every penny worth it! Trust me!

I was very curious for their vegan seafood, though I ordered the vegan calamari first, which are made from trumpet mushrooms and you can not image how real and good they tasted!
Even better than real calamari, because they didn't have the chewy texture, calamari sometimes get. Also the tomato sauce was very good with it! The americans call this tomato sauce "cocktail sauce", but it's nothing like a real German cocktail sauce, it's just a better ketchup, sorry guys ;-)

Mushroom Calamari Fra Diavlo

herbed mushroom rings served with house made spiced cocktail sauce

We ordered also a plate of sweet potato & pumpkin gnocchi in a cashew cream sauce.
They were great too!
Not that surprising as the calamari were, but really good as well!
And their sauces, they taste soooo heavenly delicious. This is the thing were I was sure about that their cook has got talent!
Sauces we had with all of our other dishes, were the same. Just delicious and very well seasoned!

Roasted Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Gnocchi

hand-made sweet potato gnocchi over a bed of sautéed kale, golden beets, in a sage cashew cream

For the main course I ordered another seafood dish, while William had a Cordon Bleu.
To be honest, the vegan salmon and scallops, were not as real as the calamari we had before, but they were delicious as well. But the best of my plate was again the white wine mushroom sauce, I loved it! *.*

Tofu "Salmon" & Mushroom Scallops

beet marinated tofu topped with a dill leek tartar sauce, lobster mushroom scallops, black rice,

fennel, broccolini, white wine mushroom reduction

William's plate was just great!
Tasted to real and crispy. I guess this is one of their best dishes! You should get this one, in combination with the calamari as a starter ;-)

Seitan Cordon Bleu 

in a shittake mushroom reduction, mashed potatoes with dill and truffle oil, sauteed swiss chard

After having all those fancy staff which wasn't too less at all, we both got really full and tiered.
Both of us didn't feel like needing a dessert, but as all the food we had was so excellent, we had to take a look in their dessert menu. And William knew it before already, we got so curious about it, that we just had to order dessert ;-)

And this was surprising again.
This parfait has got a surprise on it's bottom, so you should not eat it layer by layer, but in a whole, because the brandy is the best part about it, as its a little sparkling in your moth and giving the whole a special touch!
I also loved the coconut cream and the oat crumble. *.*
It's also not too heavy though, as it contains many fruits.
So this might be a dessert our best friend Marc ;-) (William knows what I'm talking about) also would eat :D
Parfait (gluten free) 

layers of brandy infused peach & mango, pecan oat

crumble, port infused berries, topped with coconut cream 

William decided for the peanut butter fudge cake.
Usually I don't like heavy chocolaty desserts though, but this is really something you would die for!
Heavenly delicious, especially with the ice cream!
So save some space in your tummy for that one ;-)

Chocolate Ganache Cake
peanut butter cente

So all in all this restaurant was my favourite one of this whole trip. I know there are more very good restaurants in NYC, but if I come back one day, I will visit this place again for sure.
I loved their food, I also liked the place and also the service was the best I had here in New York City!

I spend great and exciting seven days here in New York!
Thank you all and we'll meet again one day =)

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